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Most people have between 50,000 and 80,000 thoughts per day. Approximately 80% of all thoughts are negative and of those 95% are repetitive.  In fact so repetitive, most people are not aware of them or the affect they are having.  These thoughts undermine confidence; create fear, self doubt, and loss of enthusiasm.  

Awareness is the first step to bringing about what we desire and to ridding ourselves of obstacles to health, happiness, and wealth.

Spiritual Enrichment Center is about being aware of the power to live lives that are worthy of us.   And using that power to facilitate changes we want in our lives and in our world.

We are each greater than we recognize.

Linda Holman-Konieczny started her ministerial studies in 1999 and served as a Practitioner.   She graduated and received her license from Religious Science International (now Centers for Spiritual Living) in October, 2005.  

Linda taught classes, counseled, and served as staff minister at the Center for Spiritual Discovery from 2005 to 2008.  During this time she served as Conservation minister and started an Urban Forestry Project planting over 100 trees in Costa Mesa.

After her move to Fullerton, she worked as staff minister at the First Church of Religious Science in Fullerton, teaching classes and counseling before going on to Common Ground to give Wednesday night services and teach classes and workshops.

Linda has received several awards for her business and community service.   She founded and until recently served as CEO of AIMS Inc.   As President of the South El Monte Rotary Club twice, and won their Sparkplug of the Year award twice and a district award for a Cultural Diversity Day Event.

 She started and served as President of the EM/SEM Chamber Scholarship Foundation, and most recently as President of the Woman’s Club of Fullerton, receiving awards from the district for her Woodcrest Park project, Natural Health and Beauty Expo, School Garden project, and Book Reading and Donation project in Fullerton..

Linda is passionate about empowering people to live their dreams through the Spiritual Enrichment Center, a 501c3 nonprofit.   She teaches the science and principles of the mind and their effective use.



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