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The power to change the world is simple.  People need to learn to love themselves. All life responds to love. 

As babies we love and delight in our bodies.  We play and chew on our fists and fingers, feet and toes upon discovering them.  We marvel at each discovery and what it can do.  

Then something happens. 

Little by little the negativity, criticism, judgments, and comparisons are heaped upon us by the world.   We start finding fault with our bodies.    We’re too skinny or fat, the eyes too narrow, not athletic enough, or the scar too visible.

It no longer matters what the body can do, we focus on a perception of flaws.  It chips away at accepting and loving our bodies and ourselves.

Play and exploration in childhood brings another challenge.

Talents, inclinations, and dreams that are discounted, punished, or ignored cause us to doubt ourselves.  Criticism, neglect, or abuse creates feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness. 

Patterns are formed.  We continue them as adults.  Sometimes it turns into hate acted out on others or through self harm.   Each time the world becomes darker.

The darkness on the earth comes from the lack of self love.  When we love ourselves, we cannot hate others.

Change the world by loving yourself.  Appreciate who you are.  Let love permeate you from head to toe.  Feel it in your heart and being.     

          The competition ends, the anxiety subsides, the fear melts away, and the darkness becomes light through love.  Recognition of being part of the Whole takes place.

Transform yourself with love and you’ve changed the world.   Think of the butterfly effect. The flap of a wing creates wind on the other side of the world. 

Love is even more powerful and grows as it flows.

   Affirm for Yourself      “I love me”   & “I am worthy and valued for being me.”   Feel it and darkness lifts.   Life will return your love.

                                                                        L.A. Holman   copyright  2022



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