Who do you want to be? What is it you want? Create a simple statement to use as a mantra. The statement starts with I am or I have and what you desire.

The idea is to plant it in your subconscious. You will automatically start moving towards the desired outcome once the idea takes hold.

A woman in a verbally abusive relationshipconfirms it’s effectiveness. She was intimidated by this man after years of being bullied, belittled, and told she was worthless.

She was at the point of being suicidal when she decided to make an affirmation. She wrote on a post card “I am doing what is best for me.” She hid it in a place where she would see it several times every day. She repeated it to herself over and over again.

In a few weeks, she found herself standing up to her abuser. In a few months she left him and on her terms.

Affirmations work when used consistently.


A journal has several benefits. It can be your life history recorded. It can be a friend to confide in. It can give you insights on your growth.

Biographies written using the journals of famous people give an intimate awareness of the person.

Releasing uncomfortable emotions onto a page can bring relief. It will give your clarity and allow you to see the pattern in your life.

I started journaling when I felt isolated and alone. I wrote about how helpless and hopeless I felt. How everything is my life was falling apart.

I had left a marriage, had a child to support, and a low paying job with no prospects of better. I wrote about feeling sorry for myself.

After months of journaling I realized I had a pattern of self-pity. The awareness let me see I was doing this to myself. I could change it.


Reflecting on what’s important to you lets you define your values. They are principles for you to live by. Awareness of the values most significant to you helps you make better decisions.

Day dreaming is an aspect of self-reflection. Day dreams are pleasant ways of imaging the possibilities. They can lead to manifestation of dreams.

I used to imagine what it would be like to have my own company. A short time later, I started a business and had it for years.


There are different kinds of meditation Most people associated it with sitting in a lotus position for long period of time. Some people find meditation difficult.

There are many kinds of meditations. Any activity that makes you feel like you’re in the flow works. Attention focused on gardening, doing yoga, or hiking to the exclusion of all else is meditation. It brings a feeling of calm, peace, and joy.

My favorite for of meditation is putting on music and dancing to it.


Practicing self-care should be your priority. Doing so enhances your ability to give more to others. It is replenishes you.

Often this is the biggest obstacle for many people. You can be so busy taking care of everyone else you disregard yourself. Feeling tired or drained is the result.

Don’t abandon something you love because you don’t have time. Make it a priority to do something every day that nourishes your mind, body, and spirit.